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  • Bree Bartholomew

My Take On Essential Oils

Hello, my name is Bree and I would like to share my views and own personal experiences with essential oils. I first started using essential oils to aid my digestive system, I had tried many pharmaceuticals and never found enough relief. Repeatedly I would find myself bloated after fizzy drinks and meals, often I would be so unwell that I would leave early from social functions or events. Then, one day, I found a ginger essential oil and a digestive blend named 'Digestzen'.

These two oils now constantly live in my handbag. I keep them on hand to support my digestion system and aid any emergencies when needed. After finding so much success with these two blends, my passion for essential oils sparked, for they had so many benefits towards my health and emotions. I use essential oils daily; to give me energy in the morning, to support and balance me throughout the day and to help me settle into a deep sleep at night. Essential oils have now replaced many other products in my life, trading them in for a healthier option that supports my body on so many levels.

So what are essential oils? I see them as concentrated plant extracts that help support our body, with their specific functions tied to individual plants. Before we had pharmaceuticals, plants were used as medicine. They were chosen for their healing benefits, which were qualities that plant needed to have to live and grow in their conditions. I'm sure we have all heard stories or watched movies where a wounded traveler is taken in and healed with plants and teas. Essential oils are the same concept, except with all of our scientific resources of today we can extract the most potent qualities of the plant, for example one drop of peppermint oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea!

If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of essential oils join me tomorrow evening for my 'Introduction to Doterra' workshop. Please call 042304514 to secure your seat.