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Bree's Blends

I would love for you to join me to discover all things essential oils! Come and learn the many ways Doterra can benefit your health and wellbeing along with an introduction to the Bree's Blends range to help support all the ups and downs of the daily routine.

Essential oils can 🌿support emotional wellbeing 🌿Promote deep and restful sleep 🌿Support physical health and increase energy 🌿Improve digestive health 🌿Relieve sore muscles aches and pains 🌿Help boost your immune system and fight colds 🌿Alleviate headaches 🌿Enhance your spiritual practice

Doterra essential oils are designed to nurture and support your immune system,your mind, heart, body and soul. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will even have a little gift for anyone who decides now is the time to start on their essential oils journey

Thursday the 21st February